The Marriage Ref Is Bad News For Therapists

March 1, 2010
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So the reviews are in. Is The Marriage Ref bad news for therapists? Apparently not. Although the sneak peek clips in the last several weeks during the Olympics looked funny, many are now slamming it and being quite critical of the premiere. Read more about the show plus find photos and video below.

Jerry Seinfeld

Okay, so the premise of the show? You basically have a panel of judges (in this episode, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld). They are shown clips of couples in the midst of an argument, the celebs analyze the problem and decide who should win the argument. Comedian Tom Papa serves as ‘The Marriage Ref’.

In tonight’s premiere, we saw a gentleman who wanted to have a pole placed in their home. The wife was not too keen on the idea. And really, who would be, unless I suppose you wanted to take it all off. Or maybe you somehow believe that pole dancing sans clothing really is a form of exercise. Sorry, rambling. In another dispute, it revealed a husband who had stuffed his dead dog and wanted it to stay in the living room for all to see. Ewwww. That is creepy! Check that video out below. I get wierded out sometimes when I see our beloved dog Ali’s ashes that sit in a keepsake box on the mantle of the fireplace! In the end, who proved to be victorious in each of these arguments? The wives of course. No surprise there. It should always be like that….just sayin’.

The show will go to its regular time slot of Thursday nights at 10/9 Central. I will be watching that episode on Thursday, as Madonna will be part of the celebrity panel of judges as well as Larry David and Ricky Gervais. Those three together? Yep, that should prove to be an interesting show.

So let me ask you this, readers. Did you see last night’s The Marriage Ref? News reports suggest that it was pretty bad. What did you think? Leave me your thoughts in the comments, plus see photos and video below.

Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld

Photos: Joseph Marzullo/, A. Miller/WENN, Joe Maher / WENN,

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8 Responses to “The Marriage Ref Is Bad News For Therapists”

  1. 1
    D-Wreck Says:

    If this is gonna be another typical pro fem vagfest like eveything else on tv count me out, show both sides and draw in some male viewers don’t underestimate us…top rated show everyyear SUPERBOWL nuff said.

  2. 2
    skinnergy Says:

    Cringe-worthy. Unwatchable. Forced, fake laughter from the celebs and canned applause.

  3. 3
    aundramaria Says:

    This show is bad news for anyone with eyes and ears! IT SUCKS!!!! The celebrities force themselves to laugh too hard at lines that are just not funny. If not for Jerry Seinfeld, no network would have aired this crap.

  4. 4
    reuby420 Says:

    eh.. There were some fake laughs. But Baldwin did have a few funny lines though.
    I’m not going to go out of my way to catch it again though.

  5. 5
    bob Says:

    its so sad that the morals in this country
    and have gone to shiit. now marriage is a big joke and you have a panel that is dysfuctional at best with more problems than the show.
    maybe the cast should be in therpy like the director and producer of the show..NEXT

  6. 6
    allen Says:

    as a big seinfeld fan, to say i was disappointed in this show would an under statement. can’t imagine this show attracting anyone other than the brain dead.

  7. 7
    Mike Y. Says:

    It was like watching a train wreck in progress.

    Jerry Seinfeld was “once” funny, long ago, on the Seinfeld show. Seinfeld seems to have lost touch with reality. I watched the premier, but no more, the show is a COMPLETE waste of time.

    The show will attract a few “jerry Springer” fans at best!

  8. 8
    Barbara Simon Says:

    The show was horrible. It was embarrassing watching how contrived the whole thing was–it was obvious the couples had been coached. Won’t waste my TV time watching it again. Jerry, what happened your comedic sense? This doesn’t cut it.