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April 25, 2011
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Get The Voice online live coverage here, starting with the big premiere on Tuesday April 26th. You can also add your own commentary during each episode in our live-blogging session.

The Voice

For the last few seasons we watched as American Idol disintegrated right before our eyes; first with Paula’s departure, then with Simon’s. Some even lost interest all together, but held out hope that they could sink their teeth into something new.

Now fans of reality competition shows are finally being treated to something fresh. As we all wait patiently for X-Factor, the savior could be ‘The Voice’ – a show that will supposedly take the superficial side of Idol and kick it to the curb. If what we have seen in the teasers holds true, this show will truly be about each contestant’s vocal ability, and not so much about ‘the look.’

But that’s only just the beginning. Each pre-selected competitor will get the chance to sing to the four “coaches,’ who will not be able to see them at first. If a coach is impressed they will actually choose the singer, and only then will they have the chance to see them.

By now we’ve all seen the previews showing Cee-Lo, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton spinning around in their chairs. It seems a little hokey, but I like the concept.

From there the contestant begins the journey through the phases of the competition, which include live shows and eventually, a vote from the viewers. All along the way, each singer will be schooled by the coach who chose them.

Sounds pretty good, eh? I think it will be a nice, refreshing spin on a familiar concept. So why not join us below for ‘The Voice’ live online as our team follows every moment in a live-blogging session? Simply mouse over the window and you’re in.


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