Tiffany Bromley is Michael Buble’s Ex Girlfriend

February 8, 2010
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Michael Buble’s ex girlfriend Tiffany Bromley is giving us all the juicy details of her ten year relationship with the singing superstar. She isn’t holding back any of the sordid details, either.

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Tiffany spent nearly a decade in a on and off again love affair with Buble. Some of the revelations Bromely is willing to divulge could be embarrassing to the Canadian crooner. But that’s par for the course when someone gets really famous, all the ex’s come crawling out of the woodwork and that’s exactly what Tiffany is doing.

Tiffany Bromely is a ex-model turned wig maker and says she secretly dated Buble from 1997 to 2007. She has quite a lot to say about the singer and his ego. For example, she told News of The World that Buble was rather colorful in bed and in his use of language. According to his ex, he has quite the potty mouth and isn’t afraid to swear up a storm.

The more interesting of secrets is that Buble is rather proud of his alter ego also known as his nether region. He loves to boast about about the size and his ability to please women. Tiffany stated that Buble often bragged and said:

“I have the perfect, best-looking p***s.”

How’s that for being humble? Next time you catch Michael performing you can now think about his other smaller performer. I know I will. While the ex-model says he often bragged about his skills between the sheets, she often ignored his cockiness but did admit that he was rather good in bed.

Bromely did reveal a bit of information that may or may not surprise some of Buble’s fans. According to his ex, Buble likes to allegedly smoke weed. Everyday. According to Tiffany, he claims that it enhances his creativity and helps him to wind down at the end of the day.

So, there you have the scoop on Buble. He cusses like a sailor, makes love like a sex machine and gets high (allegedly) as a kite. While that is by no means a stretch of the imagination, I’d take it with a grain of salt and a dash of gossip.

Here are some more pictures of Michael Buble.

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Photos: Dominic Chan

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