Tiger Woods Love Çhild is Austin T James? Meet Devon James Baby!

June 17, 2010
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Whoa, a Tiger Woods love child? That is what his former mistress Devon James is claiming and his name is Austin T James! See photos here and tell us what you think in the comments. We want to know if there is a family resemblance.

Tiger Woods love child mama

James is the former adult film actress who is one of many, many women to have claimed affairs with Tiger Woods. She named the child with a middle initial T, she says, as a secret nod of recognition to Tiger himself. Aww how cute!

About the supposed love child, Tiger Woods is apparently aware of his existence if her claims are to be believed. She says that he has known about the illegitimate bastard child since he was five years old, according to media reports. A supposed picture of the little Austin T James can be found many places on the internet including right here.

If we are to believe this is Tiger Woods’ love child, do you think that he looks like daddy? Our source believes that pictures speak louder than words. A paternity test by Tiger Woods would clear this matter up once and for all. [Story update: another source is claiming that a paternity test was taken and that this is not Tiger Woods’ baby. In fact, Devon James’ mom says she is lying.]

So what do we know biographically about Devon James. She says that Tiger met her when she was very young, just a teenager before growing up to act in adult movies. She was 19 years old when she says the dirty deed got done. Now she is 29 years old and the alleged Tiger Woods love child is a vigorous, bouncing boy of 9 years of age.

It should be noted that the boy’s birth in 2001 comes three years before Tiger married his wife so the baby, if his, was not a procreation done behind anyone’s back, except of course the media and his several million fans.

In addition to the reported illegitimate love child, he has two legitimate children by current wife Elin Nordegren, unsurprisingly soon to be ex wife. They are adorable children whose names are Sam and Charlie. It seems that some supercharged testosterone endowed men can only make boys. [ed. Okay fine, Sam is a girl. 2-1 boys.]

Of course there is no such thing as an illegitimate child. Tiger Woods children are loved and cared for like any others, whether born of Elin stock or anyone else. Reader thoughts after viewing the video and some very cute baby photos that are unrelated to this story.

babybabylove child

Photos: www.wenn.com

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2 Responses to “Tiger Woods Love Çhild is Austin T James? Meet Devon James Baby!”

  1. 1
    Carmen Says:

    I saw a recent photo of the child on the New York Daily News and the kid was obviously fathered by a black man, judging by his nose, mouth and hair. But the key here are the kid’s eyes which are oriental, and that raises a lot of questions because this is not a common combination and Tiger has the same combination of features!!!

  2. 2
    Susan Dixon Says:

    OK – the person who wrote the article did NOT do the research. Tiger and Elin’s child SAM is a girl! Puhleeeze fact check before posting. Wow.