Tiger Woods’ Mother-In-Law Released From Hospital

December 12, 2009
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Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law is a Swedish politician named Barbro Holmberg. Up until a few weeks ago it must have been cool to be the mother-in-law of Tiger Woods. Now, maybe not so much.

Barbro Holmberg

Barbro Holmberg was apparently in town during the initial car accident that sparked the scandal. I’m guessing the stress of the ordeal got to be too much for the 57-year-old because as we all know she ended up being rushed to the hospital a few days later complaining of stomach pains.

That is nothing but conjecture though because a hospital spokesman denied comment regarding any specifics. We do know that Holmberg was released from the hospital last week and is believed to be spending time with her daughter.

A widely publicized statement from one of Woods’ neighbors seems to confirm that she was in fact on the scene following the melee along with Tiger Woods’ mother Kutilda.

It is difficult to imagine what she may be going through right now. The utter rage that I would have to find out that the man who married my daughter had been such a cheater for so long would be unreal. And yes, we can now say with certainty that he was unfaithful, because he came clean in a statement this week—admitting to infidelity and offering a rough apology.

Either way, she appears to be recovering from whatever led to her emergency hospital visit. According to her spokeswoman Eva Malmborg, she is “(feeling better) considering the circumstances.”

I guess duty calls for her as well, because her deputy Olov Rydberg has stated that she should be back to work as Gavleborg County Governor in Sweden sometime next week.

It sounds like even in the world of international celebrity scandals, life must go on.

Check out some photos and video of Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law below.


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