Tim Gunn Admits to Suicide Attempt As Teen (Video)

October 6, 2010
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In a PSA video released today, “Project Runway” frontman Tim Gunn admitted to having attempted suicide as a young man. For more information on Gunn’s admission, why he has come forward with this extremely personal detail, and video, keep on reading!

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Tim Gunn seems to be the epitome of confidence and style, but today he has come forward in a touching PSA to discuss his troubled past, along with many other stars and average Joes, to bring light to the damage that bullying can cause.

As part of a YouTube project created by author and columnist Dan Savage called “It Gets Better” to urge young gay people to hang in there, the normally poised Tim Gunn showed a softer side. Along side a PSA for The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for gay youths, Gunn revealed that he tried to end his life when he was 17 years old. In what was thankfully a failed attempt, Gunn admits to taking “over 100 pills” in what he determined was his only way out of a life full of despair, isolation, and ridicule.

Gunn, along with many other celebrities both gay and straight, are stepping forward to speak up about the dangers of bullying after a string of suicides by young gay teens that were supposedly mercilessly teased by their peers.

While bullying is often considered a “normal” part of growing up by many, the dangers of extreme bullying can have deadly effects for both gay and straight teens, especially with communication technology becoming easier to access and more commonplace day by day. Being a teenager is a confusing time as it is while young people try to determine who they are, and this is especially true for LGBT teens.

What do you guys think of Tim Gunn’s video, which you can see below, and the outpouring of support on this issue? Let us know by commenting below!

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One Response to “Tim Gunn Admits to Suicide Attempt As Teen (Video)”

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    Pat Watters Says:

    Tim Gunn is today’s American gentleman. He’s an amazing individual, kind, caring and chivalrous. Thank you for your message of hope, Mr. Gunn.