Tony Parker, Eva Longoria-Parker Grease Parody (Video)

December 28, 2009
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What are Tony Parker, Eva Longoria-Parker, and ‘Grease’ doing in the same sentence? Well, Tony and Eva Parker created a ‘Grease’ parody video—see it here.

Eva Longoria Parker Tony Parker

It appears the NBA star and his ‘desperate housewife’ decided to add a little holiday cheer to everyone’s favorite time of year by filming an absurd amateur version of the ‘Summer Nights’ scene of the Travolta classic. Good luck with the fellas in the locker room after this one Tony!

It starts with Tony on the bleachers, sporting a Don King-esque wig where he and his buddies kick the song off. I’ll admit the editing and audio aren’t half bad, but the dancing reminds me of a blindfolded man making his way down a spiral staircase.

It then cuts over to Eva with her girls sitting at the picnic table. Again, credit is due for the outfits, but not the dancing. As the scene goes on, Tony emulates Travolta’s Danny Zuko, and Eva Longoria, Olivia Newton John’s Sandy Olsson.

So what sparked the idea behind this seemingly random remake? According the Tony’s website, the film is Eva’s favorite. The post also comes along with a challenge that asks fans to post their own home made ‘Grease’ parodies. According to NBA Fanhouse, whomever posts the best parody will win a trip to a San Antonio Spurs game.

Even though musicals tend to set off an uncontrollable compulsion deep within the pit of my stomach to repeatedly vomit, I have to give props to Tony for doing something like this. A lot of athletes feel the need to exude hyper-masculinity, and usually wouldn’t let loose for something like this. Ah, the things we do for love.

Check out some photos, along with video of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria-Parker’s Grease parody below.

Eva Longoria Parker Tony ParkerEva Longoria ParkerEva Longoria Parker Tony ParkerEva Longoria Parker Tony ParkerEva Longoria Parker Tony ParkerEva Longoria Parker Tony Parker


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