Top Five Most Beautiful Bi-Racial Actresses!

March 24, 2011
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In a March issue of Allure Magazine, a survey was conducted where 2,000 people rated their ideal patterns of beauty. In this survey, 64% of people said that they found mixed women to be the most gorgeous. Being of bi-racial heritage myself, I had to agree, but then I got to thinking, who are the top five most beautiful actresses in the world?

Below are MY choices with number one being the most beautiful.

5. Halle Berry – Of course, EVERYONE is going to say that this woman deserves to be towards the top. While I agree, I don’t think 5 is a bad place for her! Halle Berry has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw her in “Jungle Fever”. My parents pretty much diluted my childhood, to the extent where I had to go over to friends houses to watch “Queen” just to see Halle! While she is amazingly beautiful, I was caught off guard when in Ebony Magazine she stated “I believe in the one drop rule”.

For those of you who don’t know what the one drop rule is, well, let me explain. The one drop rule basically says if you have one drop of black in you, you are black. I don’t know about the rest of my bi-racial brethren but let me tell you, my mother would be appalled if I denied her Belgian heritage. I never will and never have. Being mixed is a blessing. We have the best of so many worlds, why deny that?

All of the drama aside (the hit & runs, the battle with Gabriel over Nahla etc.), it cannot be denied that Halle has a body and face to die for.

4. Persia White – Many of you may not know this beauty, but let me tell you, she’s GORGEOUS. Not only does she walk with style and grace, she marches to the beat of her own drum.

I first came to know of Persia White while falling in love with UPN’s “Girlfriends” where she played the character Lynn. She has said in interviews that Lynn is very much like her in real life. Carefree and open and most of all creative. In the series Girlfriends, Lynn was often struggling with not wanting to be “identified” racially. I can dig that! One look at this lady tells you what a beauty she is. Do you agree?

3. Thandie Newton – While Thandie has been an advocate for mixed actresses (ie. vehemently arguing just WHY Angelina Jolie should not play Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart” a role meant for a mixed person as Mariane Pearl is of mixed race), she has also stunned audiences all around the world with her amazing acting abilities.

Talent aside, everything about Thandie is gorgeous, from her tresses to her style and her beautiful skin that leaves not an ounce of imperfection to be seen. The best part about Thandie? It looks as though she is Au Naturale! Meaning, no botox or plastic surgery!

2. Rashida Jones – If you haven’t heard of Rashida Jones, then you’ve been living under a rock! She is currently starring in “Parks & Recreation” as Ann Perkins. Two little known facts? Not only is Rashida the daughter of Quincy Jones, legendary music producer, but she is also bi-racial!

Not for nothing but she hasn’t aged in ten years. I don’t know if that is because of a good surgeon or great genes, I’m guessing the latter. I beg of you, tell me one thing wrong with this woman’s face or body, she is a stunner.

1. Mariah Carey – Yes, Mariah Carey. (hey, SHE IS an actress! Hello Glitter!) For me, she is the epitome of beauty, class and well my savior! Growing up, my mom would buy me Spanish barbie dolls and tell me they were mixed because it was the closest thing to my skin tone and hair she could find. That is until one day, I heard Vision of Love and saw Mariah swinging on a swing set on my television! I almost died. Someone with curly hair AND my skin tone?! I was in awe of her ever since.

Not only did she represent ME, she represented every little mixed girl in the early 90’s who had no one they could relate with. Hands down, she has always been beautiful and it has been amazing to watch her age over the last 20 years, never losing an ounce of her beauty.

So, those are my top 5 Most Beautiful Mixed Actresses. It is amazing how times change. 20 years ago when Allure did this survey, mixed people weren’t even on anyone’s radar, now, it seems we are the most beautiful people. I think that is a beautiful thing, aren’t all races beautiful? Therefore, when mixing them together, can’t you only create something MORE beautiful?

Whether you agree with my list or not, you have to agree that all of these ladies represent the mixed race well! If you have a different list, please share it below! Although, I must warn you, if you say Alicia Keys, I may scream!

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3 Responses to “Top Five Most Beautiful Bi-Racial Actresses!”

  1. 1
    Taty Says:

    I may be missing something, but is there a particular reason why you don’t want Alicia Keys mentioned? Because when I think of beautiful biracial women, she’s one of the first that come to mind. She is a stunningly gorgeous woman, who also has incredible talent to match.

  2. 2
    Just Me Says:

    Mariah has received too much attention. She is ugly as hell…I refer to her as “dogface”. Her smile resembles a poodle. Just because someone has a slamming body doesn’t mean that she has talent. She howls like a dog in heat. Crooning at such a high octave does not make someone talented, it just means that they can scream.

  3. 3
    Sarah Says:

    What’s wrong with Alicia Keys? she’s gorgeous. She looks way better than Mariah and Persia White. My list would be 1.Halle Berry 2. Alicia Keys 3.Paula Patton 4. Rosario Dawson 5.Lauren London