Unsolved Celebrity Murders: Top 5 Mysterious Deaths

March 14, 2011
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Popular in life and then even more famous because of their death, here are my top five unsolved celebrity murders. These cases have been fodder for conspiracy theorists for years, and some of the circumstances are just flat out weird. Get the details below!

Tupac Shakur  2

Celebrities, by their nature, live scrutinized lives. So it’s a rare occasion when police can’t figure out how someone so popular gets murdered. Two of the most controversial and mysterious deaths to date rank in at my numbers five and four.

5. Notorious B.I.G. Known as just ‘Notorious’ or ‘Biggie Smalls,’ Christopher Wallace was perhaps the biggest name on the East-Coast ‘Bad Boy’ rap label. Wallace was gunned down in L.A. while stopped at a red-light. With rap embroiled in a vicious East vs. West-Coast feud at the time of his death, police immediately began investigating West-Coast mogul Suge Knight, but no charges were ever filed. To this day the identity of the shooter is unknown.

4. 2Pac. 6 months prior to the unsolved murder of Notorious B.I.G., the West-Coast’s biggest rapper Tupac Shakur was gunned down after leaving a boxing match. 2Pac was with Suge Knight at the time, who sustained minor injuries. The two had been driving to a Death Row Records-owned club 662 in Las Vegas when a white Cadillac pulled up next to their car at a red-light and opened fire on Tupac. With the proximity of the deaths of these two rappers, and the intense feud between their respective organizations, it’s no wonder conspiracy theorists love to talk about these cases.

3. JFK. Yes, I know. While this case is officially solved, it’s the conspiracy about the mysterious murder that made me put it on my list. Perhaps the most famous conspiracy theory of all time states that there was a second gun-man on the ‘grassy knole’ who really killed President John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was officially convicted of killing the President from the Texas School Book Depository, but casework on the trajectory of the bullets that struck the late President have lead many to believe that one of the shots must have come from a completely different location. Murder mystery or conspiracy junk? You tell me.

2. George Reeves. Before Christopher Reeve ever put on those bright blue tights, George Reeves was the bullet-proof hero that America knew and loved. Starring as Superman on television from 1951 to 1959, Reeves became arguably the most popular actor in America for a time, until he was found dead on in his house with a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled as a suicide by police, most believed this was the sad truth until a recent film, “Hollywoodland” starring Ben Affleck, pointed out some shocking inconsistencies in the story. Why would the most popular actor in Hollywood, whose rising star was about to lead him on to greater fame, commit suicide? That’s what the conspiracy theorists want to know.

1. Jimmy Hoffa. Where’s Hoffa’s body? Perhaps the longest-running mystery in modern times is the death and location of union boss Jimmy Hoffa. The American Labor Union leader disappeared in 1975 after arranging to meet two Mafia bosses in Detroit. Seems a pretty clear-cut story right? The Mafia making someone ‘disappear’? That’s right, but the mystery here isn’t who, but where and how Hoffa was killed. Upon investigation, the FBI determined that the two Mafia bosses weren’t even in Detroit at the time of the disappearance. The last person to see Hoffa was a truck driver who was nearly hit by a car pulling out of a restaurant parking lot. Hoffa was allegedly sitting in the back-seat of the car next to a shotgun. Theories abound as to the final resting place of the union boss including him being buried under a pool in Michigan, in concrete used to build the NY Mets’ stadium, and underneath the Giants’ Mettlands stadium. Sadly, the latter location was recently torn down and paved over with 12 feet of concrete, so it looks like we’ll never really know.

Do you have any unsolved celebrity murders to add to my list? Give me your thoughts on these mysterious deaths in the comment section!

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4 Responses to “Unsolved Celebrity Murders: Top 5 Mysterious Deaths”

  1. 1
    Chris Coleman Says:

    Robert Crane, aka Col. Hogan. Kinky sex films then poof!

  2. 2
    Barbara Moore Says:

    Sal Mineo Famous poor little rich boy of “Rebel Without A Cause” starring James Dean. He was attacked in Phoenix, AZ under hints of homosexual activity, etc., but to my knowledge his murderer has never been found. Nowadays, it would probably be labeled a HATE crime and deversedly so!

  3. 3
    Kenneth Says:

    What about M. Monroe. Was that solved?

  4. 4
    David Says:

    Lee H. Oswald was never convicted, Jack Ruby killed him before he ever made it to court