Urban Meyer 911 Call Audio Released!

December 31, 2009
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Urban Meyer’s 911 call audio has now been released. The morning after Florida lost to Alabama in the SEC championship game, Urban Meyer’s wife placed a 911 call.

Urban Meyer

The news that Gator’s football coach Urban Meyer was having health problems came as a shock to most outside observers. To fans, the man who seemed a tireless champion suddenly announced he would be taking a leave of absence a little over two weeks ago. But what precipitated the abrupt changes?

The release of the 911 call helps to fill in the blanks for curious fans. It all took place at 4:27AM on December 6th, when Shelley Meyer made the emergency call. She can be heard trying to stay calm as she describes the situation to the operator. It starts with “…my husband’s having chest pains…he just woke up in the middle of the night and said he’s having chest pains.”

The operator attempts to get a clearer picture of the coach’s condition by asking routine questions such as “…is he breathing? …is he completely aware?” His wife attempts to get his attention, and asks him to respond to no avail.

While waiting for help to arrive, Mrs. Meyer describes exactly what prompted the call. She says he woke up with his thigh tingling, complained of chest pains, then collapsed to the floor. Based on the audio, we can assume that he remained there until the paramedics arrived.

Strangely, the University of Florida originally stated that he had checked himself into the hospital because of dehydration. The newly released audio has thrown a but of confusion in the mix as it as now become clear that the situation was more dire than once thought.

As of now, he has announced that he will take a leave of absence while he sorts out his health issues.

Check out the Urban Meyer 911 call audio below, along with related photos and video.

Urban MeyerUrban MeyerUrban MeyerUrban Meyer

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