Wanda Sykes Show Slammed By Critics

November 9, 2009
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The critics are slamming Wanda Sykes’ new talk show after only one episode. Yikes, that can’t be good. The hilarious comedian’s talk show debuted last Saturday night on Fox and most people saying she should go back to what she knows, being a comedian. Wanda was stiff, awkward, and well not funny at all. During her opening monologue Sykes looked very uncomfortable, out of place if you will. Which is too bad considering the talented Sykes is usually at home in front of a live audience.

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All in all it is safe to say that this show will need a quick revamp if it expects to make it on air much longer. The first thing I would suggest is moving the time. I mean really Saturday 11PM not a good time, have the powers that be not heard of a little show called Saturday Night Live? After that change the set, it is awful and way too distracting. Also work on the editing. It was clear that there were enhanced sounds of laughter, whether or not they were real or instructed it was all bad. Every joke in every segment was just so forced, there was no flow at all to this show and you could tell.

Networks have been trying to land Wanda as a talk show host for years. Recently on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Sykes commented that she always thought that talk shows were where comedians went to die. However now that she has a family her priorities have changed. Well Wanda I am here to tell you that your attitude towards talk shows comes out loud and clear in your show. How do you expect to be a good host when you don’t even want to be there? It really is so disappointing, I expected more from Ms. Sykes, and many critics are agreeing with me, or I with them however you want to look at. There seems to be one consensus regarding The Wanda Sykes show, it is a sinking ship!

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