Watch BP Oil Spill Live-Feed Video

May 21, 2010
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Watch BP oil spill live-feed, live-stream video here. Also, you can get the latest info on the spill and the clean up efforts below.

oil spill

Outraged citizens want to see it with their own eyes—the catastrophe that caused thousands of gallons of oil to spew deep into the Gulf of Mexico. While the exact cause is still being investigated, thousands of volunteers and professionals are scrambling to minimize the potential for environmental damage.

According to reports, Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts was leading the charge to get BP to make the feed public. BP relented, and made the feed available on their website, which shows massive amounts of oil gushing out of the damaged well. The company claims a tube stretching a mile beneath the surface is catching most of the oil, but admits that some is still entering the environment.

Concerned Americans, and curious minds across the world can watch the BP oil spill live-feed video below. Unexpected traffic has caused the video to be unreliable. As of 1:30PM Tuesday it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people have tried to access the feed.

Regardless, the Massachusetts lawmaker felt it was a major step in helping to keep the public informed about the calamity:

“This is a victory for transparency and open access to information, and for the ongoing efforts to understand the magnitude of this unfolding disaster and how best to solve it. Now the world can see what is happening 5,000 feet beneath the ocean floor, without having to wait hours before knowing what BP has either done or failed to do…I am pleased to have been able to help secure this result for the public.”

This effort is a step in the right direction, especially considering the public outcry following the event itself.

See for yourself. Watch BP oil spill live-feed video below.

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43 Responses to “Watch BP Oil Spill Live-Feed Video”

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  1. 1
    Richard Says:

    A Big Thanks to BP for f***ing up the environment, I guess now I will need to pay more for gas. Guess what, I have stopped using BP gas for that reason. Damn if I am going to pay for your F**k up, they can drink their gas for all I care. I’m going to ask people all around, (and make it public) if BP gas prices rise this summer for everyone to stop buying BP gas.

  2. 2
    jon Says:

    Yea i went to this BP like the other day and paid the cashier 20 bucks for some gas and i drove away without filling up my car. I went back the next day and they refused to give me my 20 dollars back… fuck the oil companys

  3. 3
    Chary Says:

    The time is long overdue to push BP out of the way and do something. Army Corp of Engineers, Navy subs, Coast Gaurd vacuums cleaners, bring back unemployed auto makers to build pipes… we have a huge work force waiting. Who’s at the helm? BP execs and the gov’t overseers should do prison time.

  4. 4
    selena Says:

    No company should ever be allowed to drill for oil without the ability to shut it down in the event of an emergency or crisis. I’m a teacher and I am responsible for all emergencies..period…shouldn’t everyone else be? oh I forgot…just us teachers are responsible for our actions..pardon me.

  5. 5
    joe Says:

    stupid wankers.. where the hell is the british navy. they should be over here getting their hands dirty too.

  6. 6
    Laura Says:

    BP….Come on, quit playing the blame game….get this stopped and get it cleaned up. This will effect the climate, marine life, jobs….everything!!!!!! You made a profit of 600 billion, now we know where all the money went in this recession (with every nation broke….where did the money go??????) Our questions have been answered….in the OIL King’s back pocket. This spill is sickening… something and do it now!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    joe Says:

    i work for a oil company and they can cap that well at any time but then they won’t be able to use it again . this well makes billions its one of the big ones and whats the chance of them getting to re drill it. So they loose billions if they cap or bomb it this can be stopped in one hour . I’ve seen it

  8. 8
    zack Says:

    This live feed looks like 1981 Atari games. Looks like the same genius that brought you the “blowout preventer” is in charge of setting up a highly sophisticated…….web cam.

    Time to hit the reset button.

  9. 9
    Leonardo Says:

    It’s not 5000 feet below the ocean floor as stated above. It’s 5000 feet below the surface of the water. It’s not just thousands of gallons of oil that’s been spilled it’s aprox 220,000 gallons a day or 5000 barrels a day. Those are BP’s figured so I wouldn’t be surprised if the leak is much larger. Anyone who thinks BP isn’t doing all they can to cap this well is nuts. The cost of this clean up will be in the billions. The local fishing and shellfish economies will be devastated by this accident

  10. 10
    Leonardo Says:

    We do have to keep things in perspective here. We are a energy hungry world and need oil. That’s not gonna change. Sure this accident is a trajedy, no one will say different. Lets keep in mind that there are hundreds of these rigs all around the world and this is the first major accident we’ve seen in decades. That said lets not jump the gun and call for a stop of off shore drilling, that would kill our economy will sky high fuel prices. We absolutly need to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. This was truly a freak accident. Hopefully we can prevent it from happening again

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