Watch Egypt Protests 2011 Online Live-Feed Video From Hotel?

January 28, 2011
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You can watch Egypt protests 2011 online with live-feed video from a Cairo Hotel—unless the government shuts down the Internet, of course. Also, get the latest on what’s happening on the ground as the unrest grows.

Egypt Protest 2011

The world has turned its eyes on Egypt as thousands of angry residents have taken to the streets to challenge the authority of President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for nearly three decades. But as the chaos unfolds, one crucial form of communication has been all but squelched—the almighty Internet.

As you may recall, uprisings worldwide have been increasingly coordinated via the web, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or a number of other SN sites. Authorities are beginning to catch on, and the worst fears of many anti-Mubarak activists may have come true after officials apparently flipped the Internet kill switch.

Prior to that, you could watch Egypt protests 2011 online, with live-feed video streaming from the Sheraton Cairo Hotel.

The abrupt cut-off has been attributed to the efforts of authorities concerned over a planned burst of protests after Friday prayers. Along with the lack of web access came a complete shut down to cell phone access as well.

The impetus for the uprising has been connected to what many feel has been a complete lack of attention to many of the nation’s woes, including widespread poverty, high unemployment and the out of control cost of food.

Even one of the most respected figures in the push for democracy was not spared the wrath of the riot police. HuffPo reports that Mohamed ElBaradei found himself backed into a mosque that was later raided.

Scary stuff.

For more on the story, visit Huffington Post, BBC, and The Guardian UK.

See the embedded feed below. It can be somewhat unreliable, but refreshing your browser may help.

Egypt Protest 2011Egypt Protest 2011Egypt Protest 2011Egypt Protest 2011

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4 Responses to “Watch Egypt Protests 2011 Online Live-Feed Video From Hotel?”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    Things are crazy over there! I can’t belive the govt. shut down the internet though!

  2. 2
    Xangagnome Says:

    What can’t you believe? Obama is pushing through his ability to cut our internet off too.

  3. 3
    V is Victory Says:

    “Those that make peaceful revolution impossibel,..make violent revolution inevitible.”

    -John Fitzgerald Kennedy President of the U.S.A -1960-Nov 22, 1963- WAs shot dead by
    conspiracy as was concluded by the Select House Committee on Assassinations 1978.
    Find the truth beyond the CNN Prop-Agenda on “your own” discretion.

    1.3 Billion to Mubarek Tyranny By U.S.A Foreign Policy which is >>…Mubarek is our Dictator and thanks for the secret renditions inside EGYPT by C.I.A to grab and torture anyONE in the world including AMericans.
    SO yes YES down with Mubarek…..please…LOL

  4. 4
    Brandon Says:

    They will shut down your internet in United states and Canada too, when the time is right, or juts rob you so clean you cant afford it anymore cause you need money for rice.