Watch Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearings, Live Streaming for SCOTUS

June 30, 2010
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Here is the live stream of the Elena Kagan Senate hearings before the Judicial Committee during the Senate confirmation hearings. Watch the streaming video on our internet television screen before the committee votes for her confirmation to the SCOTUS. The hearings began on Monday and will last at least the rest of the week.

Elena Kagan confirmation hearings

Barring a major gaffe, the Elena Kagan confirmation will occur in committee this week and she will be confirmed by the full Senate in early July voting. The committee is overwhelmingly stacked with Democrats against Republicans, who are outnumbers 12-7.

Committee members are as follows so you can watch their vote:

Democrat members, Senate Judicial Committe:
Patrick Leahy (Chairman)
Herb Kohl
Dianne Feinstein
Russ Feingold
Arlen Specter
Chuck Schumer
Dick Durbin
Benjamin Cardin
Sheldon Whitehouse
Amy Klobuchar
Ted Kaufman
Al Franken

Republican members, Senate Judicial Committee:
Jeff Sessions (Ranking Member)
Orrin Hatch
Chuck Grassley
Jon Kyl
Lindsey Graham
John Cornyn
Tom Coburn

Rumors have swirled that Elena Kagan is lesbian although that issue has not come up yet in the hearings. The White House has denied the story, but regardless it should not matter to her judicial temperament to server on the Supreme Court.

Enjoy the Kagan hearings in the live streaming video below.

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