Watch MTV EMAs (2010) Online Live-Feed Video!

November 5, 2010
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Watch the MTV EMAs (2010) online, with live-feed, live-stream video here. The Europe Music Awards are upon us, with epic performances and big name celebrity appearances. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a moment of the action.

They come at just the right time for music fans worldwide. Those of us who love popular music and the personalities behind it usually spend the second half of the year pining for a major event, only to be saved by the live overseas broadcast of the show.

Much like its American counterpart, it’s the fans who take control of who comes out on top. It all goes down this Sunday at 9PM GMT (1PM EST), when we find out which artists will take home the globe, spring, MTV trophy thingy live.

Are you stuck at work, did your kids break the TV while wrestling in the living room? No worries, you can catch it all here. Watch the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) 2010 online live-feed, live-stream video embedded below.

Here is a list of the performances you can expect to see:

B.o.B, Bon Jovi, Dizzee Rascal, Hayley Williams, Katy Perry, Kesha, Kid Rock, Kings Of Leon, Linkin Park, Miley Cyrus, Plan B, Rihanna, Shakira, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Get more juicy details about the Miley Cyrus performance at Celebuzz.

On top of a heavy list of live performers, there is also a smorgasbord of celeb presenters to keep you entertained:

Bam Margera, Dizzee Rascal, The Dudesons, Emily Osment, Evan Rachel Wood, Johnny Knoxville, Kelly Brook, Pauly D, Slash, Snooki, and Taylor Momsen.

It should be interesting. Being from the US, it is neat for me to see the European spin on music and style. Even though most of the bands and artists are American, it’s intriguing to see the different approach they take on the air.

So sit back, relax and watch the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) 2010 online live-feed, live-stream video. Who are you pulling for?

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10 Responses to “Watch MTV EMAs (2010) Online Live-Feed Video!”

  1. 1
    Issie Says:

    How will you be able to watch it? Do you just refresh this page at 9?

  2. 2
    May Says:

    I just moved and I don’t have tv yet, are you gonna refresh it so I can really watch it here. (I’m living in Norway, can I still watch it or is it only for America?)

  3. 3
    Keely Says:

    Please say this will be all set up at 9pm? I’m desperate to watch it!

  4. 4
    Shi-Ann Says:

    So how do we watch it? Is it just gonna be on this site at 9? Im stuck at work lol…wanna see Tokio Hotel…HELP!

  5. 5
    christina Says:

    sooo….do we just come on at 9? i wunna see if all my voting on Tokio Hotel paid off

  6. 6
    Lexi Says:

    okay, is this a legit website cause I’m gonna come on at 9 and I really wanna watch the EMA’s, so this better be for real.

  7. 7
    mariaf Says:

    poo!!! is this real!!! cuz i dont wanna waste my time in an retarded ebsite that doesnt even work!!! i hope TOKIO HOTEL wins!!! well,they obviously will but still!!! r we supposed to come at 9 and watch it or something???

  8. 8
    SuperGorillazFan Says:

    i cant see it!? and gorillaz lost to tokio hotel dangit!!! p.s tokio hotel SUCKS

  9. 9
    mariaf Says:

    what!!!!?!?!? tokio hotel rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    mariaf Says:

    does this thing even work!?!?!?!