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November 24, 2010
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Watch National Dog Show (2010) online here, with live-feed, live-stream video below. You can also find out what to expect from the prestigious annual event before it starts.

It was one of my favorite traditions growing up. I would cozy up with my mother in front of the TV with a cup of hot chocolate to watch the Macy’s Parade. Then, for the last nine or so years, we were treated to a follow-up event that became part of our Turkey Day: the dog show.

Oh, and we usually had a special guest. You see, once he was done terrorizing the next-door neighbors as they tended to their deep fryer, my 100 lb black lab mix would join us as we witnessed perfection. Sure, he may have had his feelings hurt that we were ogling at purebreds, but he was so spoiled it really didn’t matter.

This year, all of the fun starts at 12PM EST on Thanksgiving Day on NBC. But if your lovable mutt managed to knock your TV set off the stand chasing the cat, don’t sweat it! Whether it is with your dog or not, you can watch the National Dog Show (2010) online here, with live-feed, live-stream video.

The 2010 broadcast won’t be just any ‘ole show. In fact, they plan to bring back a four-legged superstar who stole the show a few years ago. Rufus, who is now a service dog, not only won the Thanksgiving Day event back in 2005, but also the Westminster Dog Show and the Morris & Essex Kennel Club Show.

On top of that, the show will feature six new breeds and a professional sports caster to liven things up. Will you be watching?

Set the timer on your Turkey, let your husband baste it, and sit back to watch the National Dog Show (2010) online here, with live-feed, live-stream video. You’ll thank yourself later.

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