Watch Tiger Woods’ Press Conference Online Live-Feed Apology Video

February 18, 2010
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Watch Tiger Woods’ press conference online here, with live-feed, live-stream video of the golfer’s planned apology. Also, get the scoop on what he is expected to say.

Tiger Woods

It’s fair to say that his ball is not on the fairway—it’s somewhere off in a swampy wooded area adjacent to the course. In the golf world, he’s known for his uncanny ability to come back from missteps. But can he pull off a miracle shot in the game of life?

Fans and casual observers have noted that the fallen golfer has been eerily silent since the alleged ‘incident,’ and the multitude of claims that have emerged thereafter. Most feel that his passive stance has landed him on the losing end of a PR war waged by the many alleged ‘mistresses.’

According to his agent, Friday’s presser is designed to be ‘all about the next step.’ But is the public ready to forgive? That has yet to be seen.

Because we know most people will be stuck at work for the 11AM broadcast, we’re carrying it here. You can watch Tiger Woods’ press conference online below, with live-feed, live-stream video of his apology as it happens.

Those who have ‘come forward’ with stories of affairs and trysts aren’t taking this lightly. Some are even demanding that he directly address their specific situations.

Gloria Allred, attorney to adult films star Joslyn James, is hoping he will “apologize to (Joslyn) by name on Friday for all of the anguish and distress that he has put her through and acknowledge that they had a three year romantic and intimate relationship, and that he told her that their relationship would last a lifetime…”

I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. In a previously issued statement, tomorrow’s apology is being described as the beginning of “a process of making amends.” I’m guessing it will be a well-written (hopefully sincere) apology and a plea to be allowed to move forward with his life and career.

I want to open the discussion on this one. Remember that people like Michael Vick have been allowed back into the league and even applauded by fans – will Tiger get the same treatment?

Watch Tiger Woods’ press conference online below, with live-feed, live-stream video and give us your two cents in the comments section.

Tiger WoodsTiger WoodsTiger WoodsTiger WoodsTiger Woods


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