Whitney Cummings: MTV’s New Year’s Eve Hot Mess

December 31, 2010
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Whitney Cummings did her best Kathy Griffin tonight on MTV’s New Year’s Eve special—only not as funny.

To say that the two most popular New Year’s Eve specials were opposites may be the understatement of the year. MTV offered up comedian Whitney Cummings, who was so (allegedly) drunk and sloppy over the top that it seemed pretentious, while ABC served up a cold plate of awkward with Dick Clark’s annual broadcast.

The stark contrast between the two reminded me of the 2008 election coverage of the parties for Obama and McCain—one felt vivacious and daring, and the other felt, well, stiff and forced.

The only thing that compelled me to switch over to Dick Clark’s showing was that it was almost unbearable to tolerate Cummings with her fake raunch. I’m not even all that familiar with her, but she is not a natural born broadcaster to say the least. Nearly every joke centered on her hoo-hah, which either involved her nearly showing it, or alluding to it.

I’m no puritan, nor do I mind a little dirty humor, but it was honestly a bit weird.

What rescued the night for MTV was all of the relentless promotion of the third season of The Jersey Shore. The entire cast of characters was on hand to help ram the new season down our throats, and believe me, they played into the style of the host quite well—at one point she and Vinny almost landed the deal on stage.

Luckily the train wreck was broken up by some coverage of Snooki’s ball dropping extravaganza—which was a little bizarre in itself.

I’m sure more critiques of her hosting skills will be offered up as the weekend wears on, but remember that you heard it from me first.

As soon as they are available, I will post some video clips of Whitney Cummings hosting MTV’s New Year’s Eve special below. Until then, take a look at some of her stand up. Your thoughts?

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4 Responses to “Whitney Cummings: MTV’s New Year’s Eve Hot Mess”

  1. 1
    Patricia Dooley Says:

    she sucks…. she was the most disgusting and stupid person… even worst than Jersy shore cast and snooki…

  2. 2
    Amanda Says:

    She was such a wrong choice to host the show. It was difficult to watch. She acted like a complete slut flashing her underwear throughout the night. WTF!!! I’ve never seen anything like it. MTV should be embarrassed!

  3. 3
    Bob Says:

    Whitney was funny and made New Year’s Eve fun.

  4. 4
    shay Says:

    She was the worst possible host EVER!! Very hard to watch not only because of the way she acted but also due to the fact that she looked like a corpse with a ton of makeup and a mini dress on. She is a comedian????? WTF !! nothing she did or said was funny. They should have just grabbed some drunk tramp off the street and it would have turned out to be a better show. I was really hoping that one of the Jersey Shore girls would beat her a**!!!