A Man’s Yawn Lands Him In Jail

August 13, 2009
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An Illinois man let out a loud yawn in the courtroom, now he faces six months in jail. Don’t believe it? Read about the yawn, and see photos and video here.

clifton williams

Clifton Williams was present for his cousin’s sentencing hearing at the Will County Court in Joilet, Illinois on July 23rd. Circuit Judge Daniel Rozak was in the process of declaring the sentence when Williams let out what a prosecutor in attendance called “a very loud, boisterous” yawn, which he said was an “attempt to disrupt the proceedings.”

Did he at least cover his mouth?

Either way, the judge wasn’t amused, and sentenced Williams to six months in jail for criminal contempt of court.

Judge Rozak is apparently not shy about handing out contempt charges.

The Chicago Tribune reports that he doled out more than 33% of all such charges in the 12th Judicial Court over the last decade. Others who have been charged included individuals whose cell phones rang during proceedings, and people who have audibly cursed while attending sentencing hearings.

After serving the mandatory minimum of 21 days in jail, Clifton Williams could apologize to the judge and be released—if the apology is accepted. His chance will come this Thursday.

For his sake, we hope he is well rested when he returns to Judge Rozak’s Courtroom.

What do you think? Did the judge go way overboard by sending him to jail? Or is this finally an example of someone putting their foot down for common etiquette? Let us hear your opinion in the comments section below.

See more photos and video below.

clifton williams

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129 Responses to “A Man’s Yawn Lands Him In Jail”

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  1. 121
    DJ Says:

    Hmmm, Do we call it a mild yawn(uncontrollable) or do we call it a blatent disruption(very controllable)?
    I’m gonna go with the latter.

    Funny how it was done almost on cue when the judge read the sentencing to his cousin.

    Theres a time and place to be a smartass the court room isn’t one of those places.


  2. 122
    DJ Says:




  3. 123
    DJ Says:


    GET EDUCATED !!!!!

  4. 124
    Samuel a.k.a gworksnell Says:

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  5. 125
    Samuel a.k.a gworksnell Says:

    Hey DJ, how do you know this guy is a thug? That’s pretty presumptive of you. Is it because he is black? I suggest you grow up and reconsider your support of tyrannical judges.

  6. 126
    Samuel a.k.a gworksnell Says:

    Well DJ, yawns are uncontrollable for the most part. Even if it was faked, this does not warrant 6 months in jail. He wasn’t the one on trial here. It may have made sense if the one standing trial had did it. But that isn’t what happened. If this happened to one of your family members, you would most likely change your attitude.

    You seem to enjoy tyranny. And that’s just sad.

  7. 127
    Gworksnell Says:

    This was extremeley harsh. My video that was featured here is a satire depiction of a tyranny loving, statist left winger. I am surprised so many on the right here agree with the judge’s tyrannical behaviour. But you are entitled to your opinions, just ass I am. Guess it’s the libertarian side of me that didn’t agree with this judge. Hope you all laughed at the video. Have a good one.

  8. 128
    Oliver Says:

    How does that not fall under cruel and unusual punishment?

  9. 129
    that guy Says:

    this is upsurd just bc hes black doesnt mean the judge is racist????? it means that the judge is a angry old man in general duh….

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