Zach Gilford Emmy Nomination Facebook Campaign!

June 19, 2010
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The Zach Gilford Emmy nomination Facebook campaign is in full swing and I can not think of a guy more deserving that the Friday Night Lights hunk. I have all the information on this plus how you can do your part. Oh and of course there are some great photos and a video too.

Zach Gilford

Celebrity and entertainment website Popeater started the Zach Gilford Emmy nomination Facebook campaign after his amazing and that is an understatement performance on a recent episode of Friday Night Lights where he plays the sensitive, caring quarterback with a heart Matt Saracen. Zach is beyond talented, he can convey emotion in a way that few actors can, especially ones as young as he is and he so deserves to get a nod this year. When his scenes are over I always find myself wanting more of Matt because Zach is that good.

Popeater created the page on the social networking site to obviously support the actor and generate buzz which is great because it gives Zach’s fans a chance to show their support for him. Whether or not this idea will work or not remains to be seen but we will all find out on July 8th if his name is on the list of nominees, that is the day they are announced. Hey it worked to get Betty White on SNL so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will work for Gilford.

Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford Emmy nomination Facebook campaign has gotten the attention of a lot of people but you know what if it is going to work we need it to get more attention. So tell your friends, better yet send them the link or suggest the page to them, you know something. IF you are a Friday Night Lights fan then I know you love Zach and if you aren’t then I suggest you check out him and the show. Good Luck Zach here is hoping you get the nod!

Zach Gilford PhotoZach Gilford 3Zach Gilford 4Zach Gilford 5Zach Gilford 6

Photos: Nelson/Chris Connor/Digital Creations/Reggie Collier

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