Zach Travis Is Kirk Cummings

December 13, 2008
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Remember when Zachary Travis auditioned for the 2006 American Idol season? Okay, neither do I, but he is making a much bigger name for himself in the gay porn industry. Zach is now Kirk Cummings. Read more here and check out videos.

Zach Travis

We first met Zach Travis in 2006 when he auditioned for American Idol, singing Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” in a blouse and high heels. Simon Cowell, being the encouraging mentor he always is, declared Zach to be “confused.” Well, it seems Zach has figured out what he wants to do with his life. Have sex, and lots of it. Zach is now a proud member of the gay porn industry, and has even gotten the support of his parents. They’ve told him they want to attend the porn awards with him!

Travis now calls San Fernando Valley, home of oranges and porn, his home. He is working under the clever name of Kirk Cummings, and Travis has been seen in videos for Falcon, Channel 1, Hot House and Studio 2000 and graced the cover of Freshmen.

He will certainly have a longer career in the entertainment industry than most idol rejects. Not to mention porn has better job stability during the recession, than most industries. He definitely made lemonade with his lemons.

Check out more videos of Zack below.

Zach Travis’ American Idol Video

Zach Travis Video


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